Tuesdays With Dorie – Jammer Galette


It is 10:30 pm on Monday night. I am packing for a business trip while setting up meals.for my husband this week, and suddenly I realize I don’t have a post set up for this week. It feels like an eternity since our last TWD which goes to show how much this has become part of my routine over the last year and a half (!), and much I really enjoy these challenges!

Nothing too crazy going on with my galette. I loved the dough and ate plenty of the dough (raw) and uncooked streusel  (I left some off to allow for the jam to peek through). I used strawberry jam, which is a consistent favorite. Simple enough assembly, though I used a tart pan without the removable bottom and then just folded over excess dough as if I were making a “rustic” tart.

I don’t know what it was, but I felt like this was too sugary-rich for me after it was all baked, which is not common for me to say. Even my husband agreed (not that it will stop him from finishing most of this while I am away 😁). I won’t say I disliked it, but I am not too broken up that I won’t be eating more than one piece of it with my travelling. Perhaps it would need something more tart or acidic than the strawberry jam. For me this month the definite winner were the cookies made earlier in the month, though I think I might try this again another time with a different jam.

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18 Responses to Tuesdays With Dorie – Jammer Galette

  1. Cakelaw says:

    You galette looks fabulous – the jam peeking through is pretty. I love the sweet, so I enjoyed this one.

  2. Your galette looks great. I only used 10 ounces of jam and it was not too sweat.

  3. peggythebaker says:

    I served mine to a crowd of friends, cut the galette into thin wedges. Nobody commented about the sweetness–I think a little goes a long way.

  4. Busy Oven says:

    I love how the jam boils through some of the streusel. I used a 10oz jar of jam. It might be me, but I feel like strawberry jams are usually pretty sweet, so I’d try a raspberry jam for a filling that isn’t as “bright.”

  5. Zosia says:

    I really enjoyed this but I did use a very tart jam as filling. It was a great idea to leave off some of the sreusel so the jam was visible.

  6. Summer says:

    Your galette look absolutely scrumptious! I love how you let some of the jam peeking through the streusel, makes it so much more pretty.

  7. Wow Nicole, this looks wonderfully delicious and so pretty! I will have to fit it into my baking soon. Glad I was able to get the Cocoa Crunch Meringues done.

  8. i went with rhubarb jam and liked this one a lot. i’m sure your husband won’t mind polishing it off one bit, though!

  9. Diane Zwang says:

    I hope life in Florida is treating you well. We loved this one and the cookies too. My problem is too sweet or too chocolaty is never my problem;)

  10. Teresa says:

    Well, this was a very easy recipe, so at least you didn’t put in a lot of effort for something you didn’t love. I thought it was fabulous with the filling I used. I think a tart jam is perfect for this galette.

  11. We thought it was super sweet too…you only need a small slice. Super yummy though!

  12. I think your tart looks wonderful! All golden and jammy! And your husband is a lucky man to have you making his meals while you’re away!

  13. Karen says:

    Your galette sure looks pretty! I haven’t made this yet; I was thinking of using strawberry jam, maybe I will use something else so it’s not too sweet.

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