Tuesdays With Dorie – Lemon Squares, French Style


This blog should really be renamed “All The Ways I Can Destroy the Dessert I Made”

You heard right. I destroyed another dessert. Everything was going well until the whole broke while turning it out. In all fairness I should have rested it for more than 2 hours, perhaps even chilling it before trying to turn it out (We really wanted some before bed!). It looked lovelier than this picture (a dog’s breakfast) before the whole thing went to pot.

Maybe it was my salty tears (and coarse obscenities) flavoring the lemon bars that kept me from really liking these. The curd wasn’t the issue for me… that was delicious. It was the extra crumb topping, which really seemed to overwhelm the curd. Or maybe it was all the butter in the curd that kept it from being bright enough to cut the richness of the crust and crumble (and I left some out). Too much butter, in either event, if something like that can ever be said. And I love lemon bars! There was once a time when I took half a Xanax too much and found myself on my 12th lemon bar at a wedding… that is how much I love them.

Anyway, I look forward to something chocolatey in February. Hopefully I can get over breaking dessert before then!

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22 Responses to Tuesdays With Dorie – Lemon Squares, French Style

  1. I cracked up laughing reading your post! Xanax and lemon bars should be avoided, note taken 🙂
    2 out of my 3 kids have nut allergies so I left off the almond slices on top and substituted normal flour for the almond meal. I’m not sure what they were meant to taste like but mine turned out crispy on the bottom and the ratios seemed pretty good. The butter was a killer though! I had a greasy hand after eating them!!!

  2. Sorry to hear about your broken dessert! I love the lemon curd too! These squares are indeed yummy, but my personal preference are the ones without any topping, just plain old lemon curd at the top! Those are really addictive!

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      I agree with you. I think I would have been happy without the additional topping. Maybe just a little powdered sugar.

  3. Busy Oven says:

    I’m so sorry about your lemon bars! We’ll just blame it on the butter; it really was too much!

  4. Amy says:

    I took our lemon bars out of the pan too soon as well. We waited two hours, but that definitely wasn’t enough time. We had to scoop our lemon bars off the cutting board with spoons and spatulas to eat them. It was quite a buttery mess.

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Glad to know I wasn’t alone. I scooped up the lemon bars off the board and played humpty dumpty. Alas…

  5. Cakelaw says:

    Oh no! I have had that happen, when things break in the process of being turned out. Sorry that you didn’t fancy these – onwards and upwards, I say.

  6. Summer says:

    Turning things over freaks me out too! It’s very nerve wracking and at times makes me wonder why most baked goods have to have this cliffhanger.

  7. nana says:

    Sorry Nicole that this didn’t work for you, but that photo looks pretty good to me. That said,
    I’m with you on the chocolate desserts.

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Meh… you win some and you lose some. That being said I had one out of the fridge last night and enjoyed it more. 🙂

  8. Zosia says:

    I wouldn’t have suspected anything happened from your photo – it looks great.
    With bar type cookies, I use a trick a neighbour taught me years ago: I line the pan with parchment or foil (greased) and make sure there’s excess that hangs over the top edges that can be used as “handles” to lift the entire slab out in one piece once it’s completely cooled. No need to invert.

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Such a good idea. I had a little overhang but not enough to avoid it tipping over anyway. I will have to try this in earnest next time.

  9. Oh so sorry! You know, I didn’t turn mine out of the pan…just cut them right there and popped them out. Seemed risky to turn the whole thing over. Maybe I was on to something haha! As I always say after a rough one…onto the next one! 🙂

  10. I think probably most kitchen issues I’ve had are because I can’t wait to taste something. I’m sure you’ll do great with February’s recipes.

  11. Twelfth lemon bar! Bwahaha! This would so be me too. Except without the Xanax. 🙂 I also only chilled the bars for two hours, but I stuck it in the freezer for half an hour of that. Meh. It worked! Despite ALLEGEDLY destroying this dessert, it looks fabulous! I so want another lemon bar now. Or twelve.

  12. Karen says:

    How sad! Turning out a cake or dessert is always the most dangerous part of the process for me. I almost broke my tangerine cake, but I somehow managed not too. I’m hoping for some chocolate in February too!

  13. jora says:

    I agree. I love butter, but this was almost too much, it took away from the lemon flavor.

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