Wipocalypse – December 2016

Well, another stitching year has come and almost gone… and I am clinging to those last few days of the year to finish my commitments!

As I began the year, I posted that I was really enjoying my work on Teresa Wentzler’s Tradewinds. I still am. Here is a reminder of where I began 2015 with it:


I can’t believe how much work I have done on it! That is alot of blended and fractional stitches! Here is the most recent progress picture on it:


My other commitment was to start the Clouds Factory Zodiac Mystery Sampler. I wanted to start this and finish this in one year. With my cross country relocation I was concerned that I wouldn’t hit my goal, but now that things are settling into some sort of a routine (ish) and I have 12 Days of work vacation between now and 1/4 I have made this my focus piece to get it done on time. And I think I might just do it! Here is my latest progress picture (which only shows through Libra), although I have done even more since last I took a picture:


Even after I finish up the main pattern I need to go back and finish up a few decorative elements throughout, and also need to stitch the corners of the piece.

In the New Year I plan to continue Tradewinds. There is a new “Around The World” Clouds Factory mystery sampler that I am debating on… not sure yet if I will join. Otherwise I may just pick up some dormant WIPs and try to finish them up.

ETA: I finished the Zodiac sampler and you can see the finished piece here.

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