Wipocalypse – November 2015


Hey folks. It has been a while. I noticed from Paula’s feed that it is a Wipocalypse post day, so while I am soaking here in the tub, I thought I would make an update.

Between the packing and moving and then work travelling, I haven’t had a ton of time for stitching. On top of that I haven’t quite figured out the Ott light situation, so there isn’t much stitch going on at nights. I used to have a little ledge for my light, but now that out setup is different, I don’t anymore.

I did switch off of Tradewinds in order to get caught up on the Zodiac sampler. I realized I am now 3-4 months behind, and my goal was not to let it languish beyond the start of the year (it ends at year end), so that is my focus for now, when I do get to stitch. I will try to post an update next week, and get back to more weekly updates. I have missed it around here! Hoping to get some solid stitching time in over the next few days while we have a long weekend for the Thanksgiving holiday.

If you do want to see what I am up to more frequently, I am often on Instagram. Sometimes it is just easier in the moment than to write a post.

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5 Responses to Wipocalypse – November 2015

  1. ooooh (uninterrupted by little boy arguments) soaking in a tub…that’s the stuff of daydreams for me!

  2. evalinamaria says:

    Happy Thanksgiving and happy stitching!

  3. Tradewinds is coming along beautifully! Have a fun and relaxing Thanksgiving weekend and my you get plenty of time to stitch.

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