Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Covered Toffee Breakups


Is there anything more lovely than a Skor or Daïm bar? Ok. I am sure that is a gross generalization, and there are plenty of things more lovely, like fresh baked French boule, or brie, or…

However. Chocolate and toffee. So wonderful. I was so excited to have this chosen as the next recipe. It couldn’t have been easier, either, since I assembled it just after work.

I can be exceedingly impatient when it comes to waiting for caramelization to occur which is why I have a history of failed caramel attempts. I just want to stir something. So tonight I just let it bubble on it’s own.
It took a while for color to develop and I was convinced it was not going to happen… until it did. And then I was happy to not have to worry about having nothing to post about except for some pale sugar dregs. Instead I feel empowered to open a confectionary. What more do you need than to conquer toffee? Apparently not much in my mind.

I did not add nuts to the toffee, because sometimes too much is too much. With nuts sometimes a little goes a long way. Unless ground up. Or turned to marzipan.

Also, in the P&Q, someone mentioned using a silpat, so I borrowed my sister-in-law’s and it was a great alternative to using a lot more butter. Instead of using cutting boards I nested another half sheet pan on top of the toffee to flip it. It did crack in the flipping, but  nothing that couldn’t be put back together with some chocolate. Just long enough to break it up again!

Guys? This stuff is terribly addictive. There was me, finishing up dinner, picking here and there at this. I just Could. Not. Stop. Am I alone in this? Even one of the chihuahuas was hanging around under my feet waiting for a morsel to drop.

Will I be making this again? Hell yes.

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11 Responses to Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Covered Toffee Breakups

  1. Hope this icon shows up — 😍😍😍😍😍

    Looks delicious!

    I will work at your confectionery! 🙂

  2. Sooo yummy! And I also felt like an awesome candy-maker after! Love your pics!

  3. Zosia says:

    You are not alone…..this stuff is incredibly addictive and meant to be given away immediately after making.

  4. Summer says:

    Addictive is just the right word for it, and also yummy. Your candy looks great.

  5. These are addictive alright! Made half a recipe and there’s nothing left now! Request from my son to make this again!

  6. Diane Zwang says:

    All the crumbs from cutting my into pieces were gone instantly. I put them in a bowl to save for something, ice cream maybe, then my husband got a spoon and they were gone. You are not alone.

  7. nana says:

    That photo is gorgeous. This is so yummy that I’m sorry I didn’t cut the recipe in half.

  8. Cakelaw says:

    I agree – this toffee is wonderful and addictive.

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