Tuesdays With Dorie – Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies (Makeup Post)


Sandwich cookies is a bit of a misnomer… more like jam filled, full stop. Hubby was confused why they weren’t Linzers! A little late to the game on this at any rate. This recipe was baked the weekend that we were moving in to our new place, and I am sure I don’t have to explain why I couldn’t make them then.

Nevertheless we are settling in. There are still a great many boxes to be unpacked, but then we are still figuring out furniture in many places too. But the kitchen is done, so there is that.

In any event, I really thought these were quite easy to make, and only wished the recipe yielded more – and mine did yield several more than the recipe yield despite using a slightly larger cutter. I might double or triple the batch next time. I was also a little sad that they weren’t more jammy. I did sieve the jam (Strawberry) so wondering if that played a part. What was everyone else’s experience here?

All told they were so buttery and flavorful. I added some crystal sugar to the top for a little sparkle and crunch. The flavor reminded me of those Royal Dansk butter cookies that people set out at Christmas, but softer and better. So easy to make (and eat!!).

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7 Responses to Tuesdays With Dorie – Jam Filled Sandwich Cookies (Makeup Post)

  1. Teresa says:

    Love the star shape! These were a big hit for me, too. I’m going to try and get some more jam in there next time.

  2. They’re so cute! I liked these a lot….more jam would be better, but the cookie part was really good, so I didn’t mind much.

  3. These look fantastic! I saw your post before I made my nutella buttons (I was running behind as usual) and I wavered on my decision for second… I could taste the jam filled cookies 🙂

  4. Diane Zwang says:

    We loved these jam cookies. I can’t remember how much jam I used but maybe a whole teaspoon. What I liked best was using a variety of jams for my filling. I am glad that your kitchen is organized so you can bake.

  5. nana says:

    Your cookies look great. This was a wonderful recipe that we really enjoyed. Adding a little nutella sounds like a great twist to this recipe. I must try that, hubby will be in his glory.

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