WIP Wednesday – Packing

We are now T-11 days until we physically complete our move. Ack!

We are about 95% completed on packing the kitchen. This has definitely taken the longest, and really should not be surprising to anyone considering that is a significant portion of my free time!

The office is about 60% completed, and we will get back to that after the kitchen I suspect.

The master bedroom and closet is about 50% completed.  I think that this and the office will go quickly because it is not as much tedious bubble wrapping and stuffing boxes work.

We have donated 4 large boxes of books, 8 bags of clothing, and 2 large bins of assorted tchotchke. We are not keeping 7 pieces of furniture.

As I have been packing I’ve been thinking through the driving principles of Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”. Essentially, if the item no longer brings you joy, you thank it for its service and send it for donation. I think for me, too, the longer we pack, the more I am like “do I want to schlep this with me to Florida?”, which answer increasingly becomes no. In the past we have trekked a 20-22′ truck with all of our things, which for two people is complete nonsense. These things sit around gathering dust, or clogging up a closet. Since we have to move ourselves, we have set a goal to fit into a 16′ truck, which I think is perfectly realistic. But, it also is forcing us to eliminate 6 square feet of stuff. I actually think we may do slightly better than that. And you know what? I don’t miss a single thing I have sent out the door.

My husband has been such a trooper during this. So great about keeping me going when I am slowing down, and trying to keep a light attitude. I will have some PTO between now and the time we leave which will hopefully contribute to our finishing this packing business with a few days to spare, so that we really just have a few days to relax before the drive east.

I am missing my stitching, cooking, and baking, but will have one last chance to cook and bake (and maybe even stitch!) on Sunday for my mother in law at her house. After all, I have to complete my Tuesdays With Dorie challenge for next week (Bubble Eclairs!). I do still have BCM and AMFT still sitting out in the kitchen. In the meanwhile, thank goodness for Harmon’s rotisserie chicken, and pre-prepared food counter. If you live in the area and have never had their cheesy red potato salad, you should definitely get some. So delicious! Also, as a total indulgence we still have some Fig Jam left over that I don’t want to chuck but can’t ship, so I bought a wedge of brie and some onion crackers, and we will have a treat. 😇 Though I will say that I have a tub of Passion Fruit Puree in the freezer and THAT is going into a cooler that will be nursed with ice all week long. Definitely not throwing that out!

Well, I think that is the update.

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