My Last Supper – Melanie Dunea

I think it was quite some time ago that my husband gifted me a copy of Melanie Dunea’s “My Last Supper”. By size it’s big enough to be a coffee table book, and the interviews and photographs within the book of some of the most renowned (and my most favorite!) chefs are inspiring and thought-provoking. The summary of the book is as follows:

“If you were going to die tomorrow, what would you want for your last meal on earth? An insiders pastime that is probably as old and as widespread as the professional kitchen itself, the “My Last Supper” game is a favorite among chefs… It is impossible to open My Last Supper without feeling connected to the importance of how and with what we nourish ourselves, the significance of those with whom we break bread, and what it all says about who we are”

Last week, one of my friends, in an effort to break up the negative news cycle on Facebook, played a similar game to engage his friends — one of those “if you were on a desert island…” sorts of games, and it inspired me to write a post and engage my readers on the question of “My Last Supper”. Play along if you will – link back on your own blog, or simply respond in the comments below.

1. What would be your last meal on earth? Like Jacques Pepin, my last meal on earth would be so large that it would necessitate carrying on for years and years. I would have lobster from Gosman’s Fish Market, fresh off the trawler, with drawn butter and Smash Fries from Smashburger. The best salted butter served with roasted garlic and fresh baguettes would abound. My favorite roasted pork noodle soup from Wonton Garden in NYC, and rainbow cookies and Cannoli from Ferrara’s, also in NYC would be quickly and often consumed. We would be served the finest, most chicken-y roasted chicken with seasoned crispy skin served with perfectly roasted Yukon Gold potatoes with duck fat, rosemary, and garlic. I would have fantastic brick oven pizza with an arugula salad lightly dressed in lemon juice, olive oil, and parmeggiano reggiano. I would have a wheel of garlic and herb brie served next to imported Prosciutto di Parma, thinly sliced and piled high. We would scoop it up with our fingers, or with the lovely baguettes. There would be Angel Food Cake served with warmed, in-season apricots. The freshest and most flavorful lox with NYC bagels and cream cheese would be served, and there would be crumb cake from Glendale Bakery (which my dad would undoubtedly get up early to pick up for us). The Waffluv Truck would be there, and I would have a Cinnaluv waffle with cream. Delightful perfectly cooked and rendered duck breasts would be served. A perfect Sole Meuniere, freshly caught. Sour pickles from Ben’s Delicatessen would grace every table. A wide assortment of olives, although I love the marinated olives from Caputos. A perfectly cooked steak from Copper Kitchen. The Market Street Salad from Market Street Grill. A sous vide Ostrich fan would be served. Rahm Schnitzel with fresh spaetzel. Amaretto Fudge from Fudge ‘n’ Stuff. Lamb Kabob with Rice and Hummus from Moby Dick’s House of Kabob in DC.

2. What would be the setting for the meal? On the beach in Montauk in the late summer. Lots of citronella candles would keep the bugs at bay.

3. What would you drink with your meal? The Bastianich Vineyards “Flor” sparkling rose, and Perrine family Cote du Rhone. Oh, and Bellinis from Harry’s in Venice to make up for the one I never had when we were there.

4. Would there be music? My entire Spotify account would be rotated through.

5. Who would be your dining companions? My family, my two dogs Rocky and Adrian, and my cat Linus would be there throughout. All of my friends (IRL and Internet alike!) would stop in throughout the event. Chefs that I have never met but always wanted to meet would stop in and shoot the shit about great food.

6. Who would prepare the meal? As Jacques Pepin also said “we would cook, drink, and eat together until the end… when I would die from the ‘péché de gourmandise’ (sin of gluttony)!”

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5 Responses to My Last Supper – Melanie Dunea

  1. Your “last meal” is so descriptive that my mouth is watering! Rainbow cookies and cannolis from Ferrrara’s! Good choice! and gotta love Montauk as your setting…Citronella would be a must though…and NY Bagels! And crumb cake from Glendale! Epic!

    Hmmm, this is fun…allow me please to give a quick crack at it here in the comments section :
    1. Last meal = short ribs, mashed potatoes, garlic green beans, roasted broccoli, lobster mac & cheese…No sweets for dessert…just a bag of Doritos (original and Cool Ranch).
    2. Setting = It would be Rome. Overlooking the Colosseum or something…on one of the 7 hills!
    3. Drink = Lots of red wine..Italian..Barolo or something fancy like that. And then a Mountain Dew ‘cuz when I was a kid, I wasn’t allowed to drink sugary soda…
    4. Yes, nice guitar music…Acoustic style like the guys who play in the streets in Barcelona…Flamenco-style..
    5. Dining companions = My whole family, and all my loved ones, including ex-loves because they were special too. And friends…the closest ones…Oh and I’d invite my blogging buddies I’ve met! You included!
    6. Prepared by = Anthony Bourdain, Curtis Stone, Michael Symon, and my grandma…

    Thanks! This was fun!!!!!
    Much friendship and joy from me to you,

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Ah! Cool ranch Doritos! Of course! Yours sounds amazing too. Hubs and I sat at a restaurant just across from the Coliseum, and it was amazing. I think it even made the food taste better!

      • Oh thanks! Yes, when Cool Ranch first came out, I remember I was skeptical and didn’t want to like them…Now, I must admit that although I still like the original best, the Cool Ranch are amazing!
        Wow, dinner across from the Coliseum…beautiful…Rome is a breath-takingly gorgeous city….
        Thanks for taking me on this “last meal” fantasy trip! Let’s just hope we eat it when we are 116 years old like that lady in Brooklyn!
        Cheers my friend!

      • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

        Or, like Jacques Pepin, you spend your whole life eating the things you love best! 116! Only if I have a great quality of life. 🎂 I think Cool Ranch Doritos are so much better than the original. My friend and I had them and lots of M&Ms at every sleep over!

      • Agreed!!
        And Doritos and M&Ms are a perfect combination! Add in Skittles and I’m in candy heaven!

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