WIP Wednesday


Today I have for you the latest installment of Cloudsfactory’s Zodiac Sampler Mystery SAL. I love how it is shaping up! Of course having purchased new Q Snaps makes my life a whole heck of a lot easier to work with the Marlitt. Hurray for taught work surfaces! We have off on Friday as a corporate holiday for Independence Day, and I took tomorrow off to go along with it. I don’t remember when I took a day off just to hang around at home (last time I took time off it was to take care of my hubs post surgery), so hopefully there will be plenty of stitch time for me. I did set up my Snaps for the next installment of the Zodiac Sampler, but there will be a brief stitching interlude – a friend consigned a special stitched piece from me, so stay tuned for that. I may be able to get that completed over the weekend, but I need to pick up some supplies first.

Anyway, I did get a head start on the Zodiac border last night, and hopefully I won’t lose my mojo and take a full month to finish the installment like last time – I am eager to get back to Tradewinds. In all fairness I did get the bug to clean my non-self cleaning oven at the beginning of the month, which was a serious project, and I have had some distractions from the work end of things, which maybe I will be lucky enough to share with you in the coming weeks. Those work distractions have also, well, been distracting, hence the decrease in posts this month.

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6 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. fawn says:

    That looks great! Enjoy your long holiday weekend!

  2. Have a super and well-deserved vacation! I love your work shown here! You are so creative and I enjoy seeing your creations!
    Happy everything my friend!

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Thanks! I do such linear, analytical work for my job that need the creative outlet! Enjoy the holiday yourself!

  3. This gets cuter every time you post and update! Hurrah for new Qsnaps 😀

    • Nicole @ The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Thanks! My upcoming WIP Wednesday will show off what I think is the cutest segment so far!

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