Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Cherry Brownies


Right after I took this picture the whole stack fell over. Onto the floor. However, no one saw it but me, so did it *really* happen? 5 second rule and all.

Anyway, this week’s Tuesdays with Dorie challenge is “Chocolate Cherry Brownies” from Baking Chez Moi. The dried cherries are re-hydrated with, in this case, a lovely, fruity Syrah. I wound up using double the Syrah and water than was called for because I didn’t have enough to rehydrate my cherries. And oh my goodness. That aroma from the cherries and wine! Totally killer. I was thinking how lovely it would be to have the re-hydrated cherries, plus that extra reduced wine, served as the star on top of some other delicious dessert.

These brownies did not last long in our house. They were gooey, to be sure. Some stated in the P&Q that they chilled their brownies before cutting them, which might have been a good idea, but I love being able to see the whole juicy cherries hanging out the side of the brownies. I think it’s what the French call “rustic”, no?

Anyway, would definitely make these again, although I instantly wished for a double batch, and might do so the next time. You can find this recipe on Page 322 of Dorie Greenspan’s “Baking Chez Moi”. Buy the book! Join us!

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23 Responses to Tuesdays With Dorie – Chocolate Cherry Brownies

  1. Amy says:

    I love the five second rule. Your brownies look delicious, and fun.

  2. You torture me with your delicious-ness! I’m going to FOR SURE attempt the 20 layer cake as that has been on my mind…and then you show me these…a MUST for my familia 😀

  3. Thank goodness for the 5 second rule…it has saved me a few times! Your brownies look luscious!

  4. We loved these, and at my house, the 5 second rule has turned into the 5 minute rule. I really think that’s the reason my kids hardly ever get sick!

  5. I love the photo and the cherries popping out of the sides of the brownies are definitely a plus! I can’t believe this brownie tower fell over! But yes, the five second rule applies..and heck, these are so good that even five minutes wouldn’t matter! I’d eat them anyway!
    The Syrah and cherries sounds like a divine combination indeed!
    Thanks for keeping me dreaming of decadent desserts!
    Greetings to you, my fellow NYC foodie!

  6. A stack of brownies! Yummy! As for falling on the floor, if no one saw it…it didn’t happen! And I also gobbled my batch up quickly. So good!

  7. This was so delicious. I´m sure we have all used the 5sec rule at one point :0)

  8. I’ve used kirsch and it smell really wonderful with the cherries. I pop two cherries into my mouth and stop myself from eating more cherries! Plump boozy cherries on dessert, yes!
    These brownies are a total winner! Yums!

  9. I like the look of the cherries on the side too. If they are in there I think it’s good to see them.

  10. oopsies– yeah, the 5 second rule definitely applies to fallen baked goods! I bet the plumped cherries and reduced wine sauce would be great on vanilla ice cream or on pound or angel food cake…yum!

  11. peggythebaker says:

    How yummy these look! Sometimes I try to go artsy for a photo but I’ve never been able to get a stack of anything that high! I am enjoying all the pictures from TWD and I certainly enjoyed the brownies.

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      I was trying to get a single stack until they toppled. Good thing it’s just for me and my husband!

  12. It’s funny – I drop food on the floor, in the trash it goes, baked goods or any sweets – blow it off and I eat it – ha ha ha. Your brownies look good. I bet the macerated cherries would be great over vanilla ice cream! I can see, and almost taste now… mmm.

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      How funny! I am the same way (food vs baked good). How about macerated cherries over angel food cake? Yumm!!!

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