June Wipocalypse and WIP Wednesday

I think it has been a few months since I participated in a Wipocalypse! I definitely have been stitching, but there has been SO much going on that it has just come and gone before I realized it had passed!

This month’s question is whether I feel I am a more productive stitcher in Summer or Winter. Honestly I have never thought of any one time of the year being less productive since I don’t really change my routines too much. I will say that I always stitch during Football games, which time I don’t necessarily have set aside at other times of the year. Not only do I love the weather, but I love our Sunday routines when football is on!

Anyway, here is my latest Trade Winds update:


Of course I am working on finishing the right alphabet motif, and then I will work on the dolphin border below it. My Q snaps have died, and I won’t be able to pick up new ones until a week from Saturday, so my tension is shot. Such is life!

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7 Responses to June Wipocalypse and WIP Wednesday

  1. Same- I hadn’t thought about being more productive in either case either!

  2. fawn says:

    Looks lovely!

  3. I’m so sorry to hear about your Q-snaps! fortunately more are made frequently!

  4. Sara says:

    Nice job on Tradewinds, I’ve always wanted to stitch this one.

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