Happy Day Off Friday!

I love taking a day off just for the hell of it. I am curled up on the sofa watching Julie and Julia, with a cup of tea and dreaming up my next kitchen conquest. This weekend’s baking project is likely to be Dorie’s Limoncello Cupcakes (or some variation on it). In the meanwhile, here is another completed stitching project from the archives for your viewing pleasure: Mirabilia’s “The Stargazer”, stitched on a Picture This Plus fabric that I can’t remember the name of and is not on their website, but is perfectly suited to it, don’t you think?


Also, a little food poetry:

Cafe Paradiso

My chicken soup thickened with pounded young almonds 
My blend of winter greens. 
Dearest tagliatelle with mushrooms, fennel, anchovies, Tomatoes and vermouth sauce. 
Beloved monkfish braised with onions, capers 
And green olives. 
Give me your tongue tasting of white beans and garlic, 
Sexy little assortment of formaggi and frutta! 
I want to drown with you in red wine like a pear, 
Then sleep in a macédoine of wild berries with cream.

– Charles Simic

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2 Responses to Happy Day Off Friday!

  1. Enjoy your day off!! You deserve some R and R! And I love that movie too…
    Happy weekend!!!

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