WIP Wednesday


As you can see I have only worked on back stitching since the last update. I am trying to be good and do it as I go along because I hate it so much that I would really struggle to get it done if I left it all for the end. And as an attestation of how much I despise it you can see I just didn’t get that much done. Actually, I had done quite a bit of the hair, but then realized I was back stitching in the wrong color and had to pick it out. Which, for anyone that has worked a TW, you would know how much more challenging that is than on a normal piece. 😩 I was so deflated that once I had picked it out I could not carry on, so I set it aside for the night.

Part of my challenge with this is that, although Teresa did say use x color to backstitch these parts, and y color to backstitch those parts, she didn’t differentiate those segments on the chart. So, it is taking me longer to decide what I should do when I am not sure. And it is easy to lose your place when backstitching a TW. I think I am going to have to black out the sections I have completed with a sharpie to make it easier as I go along. Anyway, totally First World Problems.

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4 Responses to WIP Wednesday

  1. It’s going to be gorgeous when finished- just keep telling yourself that and get on with it 🙂

  2. Oh I can imagine how frustrating things were but I think it’s looking great: ) Keep up the great work… I admire your skills!
    Happy Wednesday (a little late! )

  3. I’ve read some other TW backstitching issues on a few patterns, so I have to ask if your pattern is one of the older ones? Now that TW is re-doing her patterns, she is making a better way to figure out the back stitching 😀

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      I don’t know… I grabbed it off of ebay. It is one of the LA leaflets so maybe. I think I have a good solve… I will let you know how it goes. New digital patterns are better.

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