WIP Thursday

I know… I’m a day late (though hopefully not a dollar short!). To be honest I really have no idea where the time has gone to. It’s already the 12th of March. My role at work is shifting very quickly from project status to strategy governance, and it keeps me so busy that the days fade one into the other. I completely missed Wipocalypse this month because I just lost track of what day it was (I think I might need to set a calendar reminder), and somewhere along the way I managed to have a little fun with my husband on the weekends, so not much has occurred in the way of stitching (not to mention the tired factor).

My latest update is on the Clouds Factory Zodiac SAL:


I still have a little to do — little pisha stuff though — the eyes, and then the planet or orb or whatever it is at the innermost part of the circle. Hopefully I will find more stitching time this coming weekend. If so, it will be back to Tradewinds!

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5 Responses to WIP Thursday

  1. This is so adorable!

  2. Very nicely done 🙂 Hope you get lots of lovely stitchy time 🙂

  3. suzemo says:

    Looking good! I can’t wait to get the house back together so I can get back to stitching this puppy!

  4. I love your zodiac nymphs! Too cute!
    And yes I agree with you that March is flying by and super busy… But this means warm weather isn’t far behind!
    All my best for a fabulous Friday!!

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