Tuesdays With Dorie – Marquise au Chocolat

DSC_0078[1]This week’s challenge is Marquise au Chocolate, from “Baking Chez Moi”. When Dorie says that it is essentially a frozen chocolate mousse, that is a true representation. An amazingly delicious frozen chocolate mousse! And perfect for our upcoming Valentine’s Day.

The entire weekend that I planned to make this, all I heard from my husband was hemming and hawing about how he preferred baked goods, and how he thought it would be too rich, and “do you think I can have it with coffee” (really??). I knew it would be amazing, and his moaning was obnoxious. “Fine”, I said. “I’ll just take it to my team at work.”

I used Dorie’s “Bonne Idee”, and pulverized six Biscoff cookies, pressing them into the top of the mousse. I meant to make the chunks bigger and fold them into the mousse itself, but I forgot until I was pouring it into the mold. Oops. This was a great idea though — I loved the extra contrast in both flavor and texture.

Of course the first thing I heard from my husband’s mouth after he had his first bite was “mmmm…” followed by “looks like this won’t be making it to your office after all”.

I love being right.

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23 Responses to Tuesdays With Dorie – Marquise au Chocolat

  1. Kayte says:

    LOL on being right. I didn’t think this would transport well to the office so I made a smaller version. Unlike your husband, mine could not wait to dive into this…chocolate is a rare occasion here and he wasn’t all that interested in sharing it at the office. 🙂

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      Yeah… I don’t know what his deal was, but he got over it very quickly! I think you might be right about the transport though… It was definitely softer than I anticipated it being.

  2. Too funny! I bet this was fantastic with coffee. I found myself wishing I had added a little espresso powder to my chocolate.

  3. Chris says:

    The top of the mousse looks amazing with the cookies on top, actually. It’s a great visual enhancement. Looks great!

  4. Ryan says:

    Great story! I’m glad you were right, too. The addition Biscoff cookies sounds great – I like the idea of having something a little crunchy in there!

  5. amy says:

    It looks delicious. I’ll definitely have to try adding cookies next time.

  6. nana says:

    Lovely, next time I will try adding a few cookies. This was so good, Hubby could not stop raving about it.

  7. I also used a few cookies…I loved the little crunch they added to the velvety texture of the mousse! How could your hubby doubt you? LOL! This one was decadent and delicious! A winner in my house!

  8. Zosia says:

    It looks wonderful with the cookies and I’m sure it was delicious! I had hoped to use the cocoa crumbs from the book but there was no room in my loaf pan for them!

  9. I think the cookies on top definitely add to the presentation! It sort of polishes it up, you know? And it’s great to right! Especially regarding chocolate. 🙂

  10. Shame on him for not believing you!

  11. Lol!! Does your husband know my dad, by chance ? I got a kick out of reading about the “does it go well with coffee?” query since my dad isn’t keen on anything that isn’t crumbly or crunchy for dessert… I’m glad yours convinced your husband otherwise !!!
    Happy Valentine’s Day (a bit early!)😍

  12. Too funny, but he should know that anything chocolate is going to be good and especially when the recipe is out of Dorie’s book :0)

  13. Looks great! and sounds wonderful with the addition of the cookies.

  14. haha– i like how you shut those comments down quick! i totally meant to add cookies to mine (i was going to use them as a crumb base) but completely forgot before i froze it solid.

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