Tripping the Light Fantastic, Or, My love affair with Tiffany & Co.

Such a fun phrase, isn’t it? Such a fun phrase calls for a fun post: window shopping.

My mother has always been one to purchase a piece of jewelry with every important moment or accomplishment in her life. Isn’t that a brilliant idea? I’ve always thought that I would do the same some day. Now that I am upon such a Big Work Accomplishment, I thought we should do a little virtual shopping, since the Big Work Accomplishment hasn’t quite paid off yet. We can cast our gaze on fabulous frippery without fear of leaving smudge marks on the glass cases.

And since I absolutely own being drawn to the most expensive item in whatever place I am, we will go big or go home.

Come dahling, shall we enter?

For a cool $100,000 you, too can own this gorgeous brooch from Tiffany & Co.

For a cool $100,000 you too can own this gorgeous Schlumberger Arrows clip from Tiffany & Co.

No price listed. Move along quickly.

No price listed. Move along quickly. Fish Bracelet from Tiffany & Co.

Absolutely stunning.

Absolutely stunning. Sheaves Necklace from Tiffany & Co. Necklace seems too dainty for this knockout piece.

For real though, this is probably the piece I will buy once the Big Work Accomplishment pays off. Also from Tiffany & Co, it’s a Citrine (my birth stone) with small diamonds on the side:

Citrine RingOr maybe I can offer to plug Tiffany’s on my blog for the next million years in exchange for some jewelry. I wonder how they would feel about that… Well, a girl can dream, can’t she?

So, what would your investment piece be? Do you celebrate important moments in your life with a momentous purchase?

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8 Responses to Tripping the Light Fantastic, Or, My love affair with Tiffany & Co.

  1. thegreytail says:

    I have a the same disease. the only piece I like, whatever it is I’m buying, is the most expensive one. and there’s no need to check the price beforehand and get influenced, I just get drawn to these things. they call me, like the One Ring of Sauron. oh goodness. πŸ˜€
    I have a stacking series of rings by Tiffany’s that I would get as soon as winning the lottery, without even the blink of an eye. they’re called Sugar Stack by Paloma Picasso and come in various colours/stones. my other weak point is another collection by P.P., Olive Leaf. that one I would dress myself with from head to toes. where would I go then, that’s another story. πŸ˜€
    I hope you can get your fingers on (or should I say get it on your finger?) the stone of your dreams, looks pretty gorgeous too. πŸ˜‰
    fun fact, I thought this post would feature a Terry Pratchett reference, you know, The Light Fantastic πŸ˜€

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      I know the sugar stack! It’s pretty lovely! And Olive Leaf is so delicate! Someday I will inherit one of my grandmother’s pieces… She was a paralegal for most of her life, and someone took a fancy to her (she was pretty amazing) after she helped with a closing, so they bought her a cocktail ring from Tiffany’s. It’s about as square as that lovely ring I want, but it alternates tiny pearls and sapphires. *SWOON*. It fits me but not my mother, but I still have to wait. πŸ˜’

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      PS- glad to hear that there are others similarly afflicted!

  2. I love this! You make me dream! The fish bracelet is gorgeous! I like the idea of buying something momentous for an important event in life! I must admit I haven’t bought something for this type of occasion, but instead have gone out to eat a meal in a fancy restaurant to celebrate!
    Lovely post!!

  3. thegreytail says:

    I was washing my hair this morning and had an epiphany. I did gift myself jewels for my birthday in October. I lost most things in a house robbery so I had to get myself something! πŸ™‚
    I think I got the cheapest thing Tiffany’s sells, the silver chain necklace, but then I added a bunch of handmade Eva Thissen galore πŸ˜‰
    there are posts about them in my blog if you want to see them (they’re all quite recent, from the post hiatus period onwards)

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