Back to the Grind (Momofuku Milk Bar – Crack Pie)

Well. Here we are. Monday morning, after a four-day weekend.

I would be lying if I said I did much productive.

Well, that is not entirely true.

I did make Momofuku Milk Bar’s Crack Pie:


There is a version of the recipe on Epicurious, but it omits the corn powder, and shifts to cups/tbs rather than weight measurement (vis a vis grams) that the cookbook version calls for. In reading the reviews on there, it seems that a lot of bakers struggled with that version of the recipe, and I, using the book, did not, following it faithfully. I am sure you can find the cookbook version of the recipe on line somewhere, and again, I will not post it for copyright reasons. I will say, however, that my bake time was closer to that of the Bon Appetit/Epicurious recipe. I highly recommend purchasing the cookbook… There are so many great recipes in there, and it is definitely worth the money to pick it up!

Also, this pie? It is soo delicious! A lot of reviewers on BA found it cloyingly sweet, but I did not. I thought it had a great depth of flavor, and were I not already packed full of food from Thanksgiving, would have gone in for another slice. Again this may be related to my having measured my ingredients by weight, rather than converting to cups and such, which can create a variance in quantity of any particular ingredient. Luckily, the second pie (the book recipe creates two pies) went uneaten, so we were able to save that in the freezer for another yummy day!

Speaking of corn powder, if you are looking for freeze dried corn, check to see if you have a food storage store near you. I live in a state that has a heavy emphasis on food storage and disaster preparation, and was able to find freeze dried corn there for about $5. Of course you can always source it on line, if no such store is available to you. Sometimes living here has its advantages. 😎

I also completed the compass motif from Teresa Wentzler’s “TradeWinds”, as well as a start on the alphabet, which took me the better part of the weekend. I will write about that more on Wednesday, with the last Wipocalypse post of the year.

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