Warby Parker — Edgeworth Frames


Just to be clear, no one has paid me to review Warby Parker (though how cool would that be?), but I truly believe in sharing when I have had a great experience. And also because I think we are all being raked over the coals by the eyeglasses industry, and I applaud Warby Parker’s efforts to combat that.

Anyway, since I’ve been wearing glasses or some sort of corrective lenses since I was 11 years old, I’m constantly on the look out something great to wear.

For the longest time I wore contact lenses, but in recent years we’ve found that I’ve developed a touch of astigmatism… but not enough to correct with contact lenses. My options are now wear contact lenses that are slightly fuzzy, or to just wear frames henceforth. I decided on the latter. It drives me BONKERS that my contacts have me seeing slightly off, so now I just wear them for special occasions.

I’m constantly on the look out for a great pair of classically shaped frames, and finally found this pair of frames. Of course, my mother would say, they are cute and super expensive. I’m forever drawn to the expensive stuff — what can I say? Although super cute, it also really bugged me that they have the designer’s name plastered to the side of the frames. I’m not keen on advertising the brand name of pretty much anything. However, I was going to deal with it because I couldn’t find anything like them. Do you know how hard it is to find classically shaped frames? For a reasonable price? I DO!! I also knew that I would have to lay money out of pocket and then be reimbursed for the frames, because LensCrafters doesn’t take my vision insurance. I did some on line research and found them for a pretty good deal, but after reading a number of online reviews about the website, decided against it. LensCrafters would have charged me $360 after a 40% discount and lenses installed. I do believe I vomited in my mouth a little when the sales associate told me that. Highway robbery, I tell you! Needless to say I walked out that day without placing an order for the glasses.

I don’t know how I remembered about it, but I remembered that I had read some great reviews about Warby Parker on a few different blogs, so I thought I would give it a go. I think I even saw a TV spot once upon a time. You can order 5 frames to try on at home (FOR FREE), so you aren’t flying blind and ordering something you hate. They had a few styles that I really liked, so I thought, with no risk to me, why not?

I was super surprised at how quickly the try-on frames came, and the frames that I ultimately decided on were added in by WP based on other frames I had selected to try. I had one spot open because a few of the frames I really wanted to try (including the ones I ultimately ordered) were unavailable for at home try-on. So, score one for Warby Parker in being able to read my mind.

I settled on the Edgeworth, which you can see in the picture above. They are also almost identical to the GA frames I had been pricing out, and at only a fraction of the price — $95 before tax, INCLUDING lenses, with FREE SHIPPING! Score two for Warby Parker. That will be entirely covered by my insurance. They also had this really neat-o pupil measurement thing using your webcam for an ideal fit. How neat!

Lastly, the new glasses came quickly in a very nice case – nicer than a lot of expensive brands. WP kept me apprised at each step in the process. The great thing is that for each pair of glasses you order from WP, they donate a pair to someone in need. How great is that?

I also discovered I can order prescription sunglasses from WP on top of it, also at a very reasonable price, with the same at-home try on system as with regular frames. So, that’s next.

I’ll definitely be back. I can’t recommend WP enough. Try them — you won’t be disappointed!

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