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Today, one of my colleagues laughingly called me a snob. I laughed it off… It’s nothing that I haven’t heard before, but I started to think about the connotation of the word, and I think it’s not the right word for me. Snob indicates elitism, doesn’t it? When I think about snobs, I think of “Mean Girls”. So, I carry my own salt (not always, but when I do it’s Maldon’s, just in a pinch!), and I choose to buy fewer things that have better quality, and I pay a lot of attention to detail in the items I bring into my life on a daily basis. OK. So MAYBE I could be called eccentric in the sense that I am anomalous in a world of people who don’t take precise care. After all, as Julia Child said, nothing is too much trouble that turns out the way it ought to. I own that. The best word though? I think the best word to describe me is ME. I am OK with who I am, and I don’t care what anyone else thinks about it!

So, what about discerning? Isn’t it just about personal style?

Speaking of which, Iris Apfel talks about personal style in this great video from a NY Times article several years ago. I’m a huge fan!

And don’t you love my new shoes? I got a screaming deal through DSW. They are Cole Haan Air Monica ballet flats. I had two coupons, so wound up with $30 off! Though I could have managed with a half size smaller, because of the construction of the flat I don’t notice. They are terribly comfortable, and so cute! I’m wearing them with Lilly Pulitzer Travel Pants in black.

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