Fountain Pens

TWSBI Vac700 and J. Herbin Rouge Hematite Anniversary Ink

TWSBI Vac700 and J. Herbin Rouge Hematite Anniversary Ink

When the 6-hour A&E Pride and Prejudice aired many years ago, the visual of those characters writing with fountain pen and great paper became extremely alluring to me. Although I clearly remember buying an old-school dip fountain pen, and writing often with it, I’m not sure how I made the transition to a regular fountain pen.

My very first fountain pen was the Parker Vector and I loved it. I didn’t use anything too crazy — just standard replacement cartridges. I loved the flow of the ink as I wrote — there is something so transcendental about watching the ink flow out as you write your words. (Does the ink know what words it will become? Didn’t John Lennon write: “Words are flowing out like endless rain into a paper cup…”) I especially loved to use my Vector to write notes to my friends in cypher text, and I really loved writing letters. 🙂

Then there was college, and there was e-mail. Though I still wrote some letters, the instantly gratified me shifted to writing e-mails. I can’t remember the last time I wrote a letter to a friend, which is shameful to say.

About 6 months ago, our local Office Depot announced they were closing. It dawned on me that I should see if any Fountain Pens were on sale, so I patiently waited until I could get a good deal on one. I settled on a Cross Century, and something interesting happened — I discovered a clique of fountain pen aficionados at my office! I was indoctrinated to the customizable ways of fountain pen inks and converters. I wasn’t entirely disappointed with my Century NOT being customizable, but saw it as a reason to collect new inks and pens. Of course.

Having done quite a bit of research and asking around, I finally purchased a TWSBI Vac700 and a bottle of J. Herbin Rouge Hematite Anniversary Ink. Of course I am obsessed with anything you can see the contents of, so this TWSBI seemed the natural choice, and the ink has flecks of gold in it. The best part is I got both for practically free, since I won a few eBay gift cards. I even managed NOT to spill ink all over the place as I was learning to fill my pen, although I DID get some on my hands.

I think the time has come to even get back into letter writing — maybe I will set a challenge for myself in the New Year, now that I have some great new pens to write with.

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