Wipocalypse, October 2014


I know I have posted a progress pic of Celtic Banner on Instagram, but I don’t think I have done so here. I know I didn’t do the September post… Things were just crazy. So you can now see how much progress I’ve made since the beginning of August!

At this point I am starting to get sick of working on this! I’ve definitely lost my mojo for this piece, but I am so close to finishing it that if I don’t just power through now it will languish for who knows how long u til I pick it up again, only to say “I wonder why I didn’t just finish it the last time I worked on it”. The up side is it will be another major WIP finish for the year! A new start is definitely in order when this is done, and that is definitely keeping me motivated to finish this.

Anyhoo, the question for this month is whether I am a Christmas or a Halloween stitcher. I would definitely answer Christmas. Although I don’t have anything Christmas-y in my rotation currently, I have quite a few things planned (and almost nothing Halloween-y). Which reminds me that I have long wanted to start either TW’s Holly and the Ivy or TWs 12 Days of Christmas. Maybe one of those will be a new start. I’ll have to pull it out of my stash. Hmmm…

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2 Responses to Wipocalypse, October 2014

  1. Suzemo says:

    Celtic banner is looking great! I love that square motif!

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