Introducing… ROCKY!


The company I work for does a lot of charity work. This year we held a week-long charity event to benefit the Utah Humane Society, capped off with an adoption event at the end. Having lost two of our furbabies this summer, I encouraged my husband to come and check out the adoption event. “I don’t think they will bring any little dogs,  but I have 15 minutes between meetings, so come and meet me”, I told my husband. Of course we get there, and what do you know – they brought TWO chihuahuas! I picked up Rocky, and he put his arms right around my neck. Between that and my total inability put him down, it seems he chose us as much as we chose him.

Rocky began his life as “Haivyn”, which is seriously a dumb name for anyone or anything. We renamed him Rocky, after Rocky Balboa. The great thing is that this is a double mitzvah, since Rocky was rescued from a high kill shelter in Los Angeles.

Rocky is 14 months old, and so adorable. He was a bit underweight when we adopted him, but now he is a healthy weight, having been given a clean bill of health by the fabulous staff at Alta Veterinary Hospital. (If you are in the area and need a great vet, we couldn’t recommend them any more – so caring and knowledgeable). He has taken well to crate training, and was about 80% house trained when we adopted him, though we have closed the loop on that.

We have some funny videos of him chasing his tail, so I will save those for another day – he is seriously entertaining! There are some other hilarious things he does that we hope to record and post soon as well. Otherwise he is a real snuggle bug when not playing with his toys, or trying to lick every inch of your skin! We are so glad to have him join our family.



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