TUSAL – September 2014


Here is my TUSAL for September. As you can see, I’ve practically doubled my ORT volume since I last posted. I’ve done a significant amount of stitching on MLI’s Celtic Banner, so much so that I think I will have TWO major Happy Dances this year! I really don’t have much more to do on it:


How diligent of me to finish more WIPs instead of start new ones (though that is coming next… Definitely…which also means I get TWO new starts!).

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3 Responses to TUSAL – September 2014

  1. Jan says:

    Very pretty! How long have you been working on “Celtic Banner”?

    • The 2nd 35 Years says:

      You know, I don’t recall when I started it, and have worked on it in large spurts. It has actually worked up much faster than I anticipated.

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