Potato and Bacon Fritatta


For lunch yesterday, I made Epicurious’ Potato and Bacon Frittata. While I am not generally a fan of super eggy things, this frittata has so much going on with it that the eggs are merely a supporting role. This is to say that I am a great fan! This has your starch (cubed potatoes), your veg (spinach), and lots of flavor (onions, garlic, provolone, parmesan, and bacon). Although I didn’t, I might recommend serving this with an arugula salad, lightly dressed with a lemon vinaigrette to cut the richness. It also takes no time at all to assemble once you have your ingredients prepped (and again, very strongly advise to do so, since it moves rather quickly once you begin cooking it). Lastly, the recipe does call for roasted red pepper, and although I got one to put in, I totally forgot to add it. Oh well.


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