Black Forest Cake (Schwarzwalder Kirsche Torte)

Hello! I am finally resurfacing after a crazy month of 60 hour work weeks! AND anyone who has been reading along knows that two of our dogs have gone through extended illnesses, which we had to let them go over. Oy! What a summer!

In any event, this week’s baking project is a Black Forest Cake, especially for my husband’s birthday.


For the cake you’ll need:

6.5 oz semisweet chocolate chips
8 large egg yolks
8 tablespoons unsalted, melted butter
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
10 egg whites
Pinch of salt
3/4 cup of sugar
1 cup of sifted flour

1 jar of cherry preserves

2 cups of heavy whipping cream
1/2 cup of sugar

1 jar of maraschino cherries

1 bottle of Kirsche (Cherry Liquor)

Begin by pre-heating the oven to 350. Butter and flour two 9″ round cake pans.

Melt your chocolate in the top of a double boiler, until it melts. Meanwhile, in a medium bowl, beat your egg yolks, and then your chocolate and butter once it is melted. Lastly, mix in your vanilla extract.

Beat your egg whites with a hand held mixer (or with a stand mixer if you have one). Add a pinch of salt as you begin until they foam, then add your sugar, one tablespoon at a time u til the whites form stiff peaks.

Mix about 1/3 of your egg whites into the egg yolk mixture, and then add the new chocolate mix into the remainder of the egg whites. Sift one cup of the flour, then spoon it into your measuring cup, level it, and sift it again, directly into the bowl with the egg whites and chocolate. Carefully fold everything together until no egg whites remain visible, but not any further than this or you will develop the gluten in the flour AND cause your egg whites to collapse.

Carefully spoon an equal amount of batter into each cake pan. If you have a kitchen scale, I would recommend weighing eachpan to ensure an equal amount of batter. Smooth the tops, and then put your pans into the oven. Bake for 20-30 minutes, just until a tester comes out clean. Once your cakes are done, remove them from the oven, and cool them on a wire rack.

Once your cakes have cooled, I would set pieces of wax or parchment paper under just the very edges of your cakes. This ensures you don’t mess up your cake platter when frosting your cake. Place just your bottom layer onto the cake platter. 

Using a fork, poke holes all over the bottom layer of your cake.

Using a spoon, carefully spoon the Kirsche onto the bottom layer of the cake. I think I used between 1/4 and 1/2 cup. You don’t want to be heavy handed or your cake will be too soggy and too boozy (yes, sometimes too much is too much)!

Then, carefully spoon your cherry jam over the bottom layer, but leave about 1/2″ gap before you reach the edge of the cake. I used about 1/2 a jar of Bon Maman that I had stirred up well. I generally advocate sieving your preserves, but in this case you want the chunks of cherries. Smooth on a layer of whipped cream, again leaving about 1/2″ to the edge of the layer. Once you put your top cake layer on (which you can do now), you want to make sure that the cherry name hasn’t oozed out the side. If it has, you’ll want to clean it up now, so that when you spread on the whipped cream, it doesn’t have a name swirl in it.

Now, dollop your whipped cream on top and over the sides, smoothing on with an offset spatula. Be sure to leave extra whipped cream for decoration if you like. Personally, I sifted some unsweetened cocoa powder over the top, and then removed the parchment before piping stars on top and around the bottom of the cake. I also nestled some maraschino cherries into the stars on top.

AS A WORD OF ADVICE! If you plan to add maraschino cherries, be sure to drain them well using a paper towel before adding them onto your cake. I didn’t consider this the first time I made this cake and had maraschino cherry juice dribbling all over. Not attractive.

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