Obituary for Ozzy Price

Spring Haircut

We are sad to announce the passing of yet another of our pack on September 4th – Ozzy “Hoo Hoo” Price, Shih Tzu extraordinaire. He was  13 1/2. The passing of his buddy Ivan was just too much for him to bear in his old age.

Ozzy was adopted by Tom and his Dad when Oz was just 2 months old, the runt of his litter that no one thought would live because he had a heart murmur. I always joked with Tom that I married him for his dog. 🙂

Ozzy was the proud father of two litters. He loved to do the “mad dog” run after his baths, and sat up like a gopher for treats. His facial expressions always entertained, and he always loved a comfy blanket to lay in. Oz would do anything for a Pup-peroni or pig’s ear. His begging was irresistible, having perfected the most pathetic expression possible. He LOVED his belly rubs.

Oz was known by many names including Hoo Hoo the Magnificent, Ozmundo, Pooh Bear, Scoobs, Budreaux, and Hoo Man. We have no idea where any of these came from, but that is the way of a dog’s nick name.

Ozzy is probably going to be spoiled rotten by Tom’s dad, on the other side of the Rainbow Bridge, being given lots of hand outs that he probably shouldn’t be given. He is joined by his pet-siblings Jabba and Ivan, and is also joined by his son Coby.


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