Wipocalypse, August 2014

I’m baaaack…

I stopped doing Wipocalypse for a few months because I was focused on the “mystery” piece I was writing about. How dull must it be to keep reading, “I can’t show you, but trust me! It’s getting there!”. Well, it’s done! “Where’s the picture?”, you might ask. Ha! You didn’t think it would be that simple, did you? Tune in on December 26th to see my reveal. Otherwise your only clue is my monthly ORT post.

In any event, just as I was finishing up my piece, I ran out of 3371. I only needed a few more back stitches, so I rummaged through my current WIPs to scavenge some. MLI’s Celtic Banner screamed out to me as I opened the Iris box, so that is what I decided to pick up and work on again. Everything you see in this picture is new since I restarted (well, I take that back… Part of the blue striated flowers are new and then everything above it):


I didn’t have a chance to work on it too much this weekend, since I was involved in deep cleaning and then had no stitching place since we moved the furniture for the carpet cleaners. For the comparison (before) picture, check here.

And now for the question of the month, which is what your oldest and newest WIPs are. My oldest WIP is currently either Dragon Dreams’ “A Little Privacy” or “Mushroom Tabernacle Choir “, I’m not sure which. I take a bubble bath without fail every Sunday evening, so it is meant to hang in the bathroom when I am done. I really am so close to finishing it, but other things call my name louder. Meh. Both WIPs are about 10 years old, meaning that I got them to their present state about 10ish years ago, and then haven’t worked on them since. That was about the time I discovered Mirabilia and MLI, and picked up several of those designers for several years straight.

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6 Responses to Wipocalypse, August 2014

  1. suzemo says:

    Your stitching is beautiful!

  2. Kimberly says:

    Nice progress! As I remember the MLI this piece is pretty large, looking forward to seeing more progress.

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