Obituary for a dog


With heavy heart I regret to announce that our little Ivan passed away this evening. We hoped this moment would never come.

Ivan came into our lives about 8 years ago after being found on the street, supposedly hit by a car. Although he initially had lost the use of his hind legs, he never let that stop him, often doing a hand stand to go to the bathroom. Actually, this was the first thing I ever saw when we went to meet him at the shelter, and it was love at first site. Another couple had put a hold on him, and we hoped that their adoption would not come through, which, luckily enough for us did not. We gradually nursed him back to full health and with the way he ran around, you would never know he was ever hurt. We kept his name as an homage to the antagonist in Rocky … Ivan truly was that strong!

Ivan was my constant stitching buddy, always laying in my lap. When he wasn’t in my lap, he was in Tom’s. Or on a pillow. Or on (or burrowed into) a blanket. Or basking in the nearest sliver of sun. He was the beggar of beggars, and one could hardly resist once he started with his little dances. At night he would sleep under the covers, snuggled up next to me or Tom, but sometimes cross-ways, pushing me off the (king sized) bed.

When we came home from errands he could reputably be found laying on his bed of blankets on his back, waiting for a belly rub from us. He had the softest spot right on his neck that I loved to rub and kiss. He would stand on his hind legs and wrap his front “arms” around our necks to give us hugs. Ivan had quite an incomparable personality, which we will miss so very dearly.

Our hearts are broken. ‘Til we meet again, “Itty Bitty”.

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One Response to Obituary for a dog

  1. Eileen Duffy says:

    I’m so sorry! He was a beautiful little man.

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