Odds and Ends

Has anyone seen the Fall #Resort365 preview that Lilly Pulitzer linked to on Instagram? I LOVE the “Under the Palms” pattern. LOVE. Another blogger (Maryland Pink and Green) posted a few pictures on her FB profile from the look book, and it seems there will be a lot of jewel tones in the new line, especially vibrant greens, which are a great (and favorite) color for me. There will be a Beckett dress in emerald green (swoon) and potentially even in black (sign me up)! My favorite time of the year is definitely fall now that I am an adult, mostly because of the clothing choices. Is that reason enough? I think so. The Pink Pelican will have the line up on July 28th, and I assume Lilly Pulitzer will about that time, too.


I got a  FitBit flex! I am positively obsessed with it. I love being able to track my activity level; it really helps me create self accountability. Another great benefit is being able to set a silent alarm to wake me up in the morning. Oftentimes I get up earlier than Tom, so it allows Tom the extra time to sleep without a loud alarm going off (this is why I got the flex, as opposed to one of the other models) I set an aggressive goal of 100 oz of water a day for myself, which is also tracked through my FitBit dashboard. The only disappointment I had is that there is no altimeter in my version. I would have liked to track flights of stairs because I do a lot of stairs every day, but it was more important to have the silent alarm. Mostly, knowing my activity level for a day helps me to push myself a little further than normal. David Sedaris wrote a funny piece for the New Yorker about his experience with the FitBit, and it rings true now that I have one myself. I am not beyond march or running in place to get extra badges or steps, or even just to stay ahead of my friends who also have a FitBit. 😇


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