Wipocalypse, February 2014

I decided to pick up a WIP for a change. I really wanted to have something to say besides “gee… I finished another 2 pages on my mystery project” (which I did). I can’t show you a picture of that.

However, I did pick up some scroll rods from my LNS (local needlework shop), and they were so very helpful! As a result I did load up my “Around the World in 80 Stitches” by Papillon Creations. I started and completed part 13:


I just don’t know how I ever worked my BAPS (big ass projects) without scroll rods. I can’t wait to work on all of my BAPs (which I never thought I would say).

The question for this month is regarding our stitching habits. I’m a “screaming rotation” stitcher, meaning that I will work on one project exclusively until something else screams for my attention. The upside is that I always enjoy whatever I am working on at the moment. The downside is that I have a lot of WIPs and UFOs! I’m trying to exercise some discipline this year, and just focus on what I have in progress. Like I mentioned previously, I was only not stitching on certain pieces because I needed scroll rods.now that I have them, I’m picking up some older pieces again!

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3 Responses to Wipocalypse, February 2014

  1. Looks stunning so far 🙂

  2. Rachel says:

    Your Around the World looks great – I’d love to start that design someday.

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