All You Need Is A Little Imagination

Much to the chagrin of my parents and my husband, from an early age I’ve always been able to easily spot the most expensive item in the room. Even at the bottom of a dusty stack of dishes.

This works really well for thrifting!

On a near distant thrifting trip, I noticed a pretty dinner plate stacked with a matching dessert plate at the bottom of a pile at my local D.I. They had holes bored through their middle, and when I turned them over I found they were hand painted Lenox China! I think they must have been there for a while because they were pretty dirty.

I don’t think Lenox put the holes there – I think someone got a little Pinterest happy and drilled them themselves. They did a nice job though, and I had the perfect idea for them.

Of course when I got to the register the cashier looked at me like I had three heads, and she asked me what I could possibly want with two plates with holes drilled through them.

A tiered dessert server is what!


To be completely fair, the plates had no hardware with them. For $1.75 I bought the plates, and then I had some eBay bucks, so I got the hardware from a seller in Hong Kong for free! Originally I thought I would resell the whole thing on eBay, but now I like it too much. Can you blame me? 😀

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