Wherein my husband discovers my true level of crazy

It’s no secret. I love to go thrifting and yard sale-ing. When I was a kid my mom, gram, and I would frequently stop off at errant yard sales. But then there were the times were we saw amazing things out on the curb waiting for the trash pickup.


This morning I took two of our little furbabies out for their morning constitutional. We made our normal rounds, turning around near the dumpster. Well what have we here? It looks like a solid piece of wood furniture! Of course I toddled over to check it out, and it turned out to be a lovely coffee table and upon further investigation the top opens to double the table.

Never minding the fact that it had been out for the better part of a day and was covered in ice (and sitting by the dumpster), I booked it back to the apartment, dogs in tow. Someone might come and take it before I can bring the jeep around!

Bolting through the door I called for my husband to come and help me. His first question was, “does the dog have a poopie butt again?” (Anybody? Nobody?). I tossed Tom his coat and he obligingly followed me out the door.

(I could really use this to my advantage in the future, this willingness.)(Although I did get a giant eye roll)

Luckily we made it back there before anyone (no one) could take it for themselves.

There was even a siding guy parking nearby that was roped into service loading this beast into the car.


The white in the grooves is just leftover ice from being out over night.


Of course it isn’t open all the way, but you get the idea. You can also see it needs a little TLC – it needs a refinishing. For now it will sit in the storage unit until I get around to it.

I am inordinately proud of my find!

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