Angel of the Morning

I think I mentioned back in February that I had taken pictures of previous stitching completions, but have only posted a few of them. I thought I would post another one today for Flashback Friday. This is “Angel of the Morning” designed by Marilyn Leavitt-Imblum. When we redecorate our bedroom, this piece will be the jumping off point for the color scheme. The fabric is from Picture This Plus, but I don’t recall the particular name of it.


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WIP Wednesday


Hurray! I am very excited to say that I completed the left Mermaid panel on Tradewinds, backstitching and all! I did begin marking off the backstitching with a sharpie as I went along and doing so made it such a faster process, and far less overwhelming trying to figure out what color I was backstitching where. I got so excited about being done with the panel that I immediately moved my Q Snaps to my next section which will be the bottom left pipe corner and dolphin scene. I do believe my mojo will have returned from its brief vacation.

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Tuesdays With Dorie: Lemon (Orange) Madeleines



I know… I am a bit backwards in my TWD posts, but, well, there it is.

Although the recipe from Baking Chez Moi calls for Lemon, I had plenty of oranges around the kitchen, and decided to use that instead of lemon. I do so love the flavor!

I am sad to say that I had such lovely bumps on my Madeleines…but they went away when I turned them out onto my cooling rack. I had cold batter in a cold pan in a hot hot oven, but the cooling rack pressed them in slightly. At least it didn’t effect the lovely delicate flavor! I found they were just as good the next day, having stored them in a ziploc bag.

The great thing about these is that it is a complete make it ahead recipe. The batter keeps in the fridge for two days before you can bake them off just in time for your guests. And they look so elegant that no one would know how easy they really are!

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WIP Wednesday


As you can see I have only worked on back stitching since the last update. I am trying to be good and do it as I go along because I hate it so much that I would really struggle to get it done if I left it all for the end. And as an attestation of how much I despise it you can see I just didn’t get that much done. Actually, I had done quite a bit of the hair, but then realized I was back stitching in the wrong color and had to pick it out. Which, for anyone that has worked a TW, you would know how much more challenging that is than on a normal piece. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ I was so deflated that once I had picked it out I could not carry on, so I set it aside for the night.

Part of my challenge with this is that, although Teresa did say use x color to backstitch these parts, and y color to backstitch those parts, she didn’t differentiate those segments on the chart. So, it is taking me longer to decide what I should do when I am not sure. And it is easy to lose your place when backstitching a TW. I think I am going to have to black out the sections I have completed with a sharpie to make it easier as I go along. Anyway, totally First World Problems.

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Tuesdays With Dorie – Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars

Untitled design(1)

Crispy Topped Brown Sugar Bars, Baking Chez Moi, Page 324

Let’s address the elephant in the room. I didn’t caramelize the Rice Krispies. Ain’t nobody got time for that when you realize your baking assignment is due tomorrow, it’s 8:00 pm, and you are just getting dinner on the table. This has to be the laziest, most extemporaneous dessert I have made in ages. Forget chopping chocolate, I had mini chocolate chips. Ran out of parchment? Foil will have to do. Unable to make a smooth cookie base? It’s French, so it must be “rustic”. Incidentally, as posting this I realize that I am actually a week ahead. Sigh.

Dorie encourages you to take your cookie base batter to task to get it into the pan. Show it who is boss. That I did, as did I also lick a great deal off of the paddle attachment and the spatulas.

I like to think that I could have done without the Rice Krispies, but I think without them, the bars would be too rich. Of course that could just be because I didn’t mess around with the caramelization, and I think I would take the extra measure if I made these again and if I planned ahead.

Lastly, if you wanted to go more Milk Bar with these, you could change the dark chocolate out for white, and then sub out the Rice Krispies for, maybe, Fruity Pebbles.

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Park City | High West Distillery and Saloon

Somewhere amidst all the days blending together my hubby and I took a day trip to Park City last Saturday. For those who are not familiar, imagine an Old West mining town meets the Winter Olympics. I mean literally. Park City hosts the Sundance Film Festival every year, and hosted many of the 2002 Winter Olympics events with it’s many nearby ski slopes. In addition, Park City is home to many top notch Utah restaurants.


The store front at the end of the street is the High West Distillery and Saloon, which was our destination for lunch. Interestingly it is the only ski-in restaurant in Park City, so skiers and snowboarders pop right in off the slopes, with the ski lift right down the street. Be prepared to wait for a table if you are there at lunch on a weekend during ski season. It will be hopping!

DSC_0097[1]High West is not only well known for it’s exceptional “victuals”, but also for it’s whiskey and other fine spirits. You can take a free tour of the distillery if you have the time, but the stills are well displayed without needing to take a tour. Even if you have to wait for a table, there’s a lot to look at!

DSC_0103[1]Despite the casual nature of the saloon, High West has done a great job of elevating the food and the atmosphere. This is not your typical plank across two whiskey barrels saloon, but a very upscale, modern take on an Old West saloon. Our server was exceptionally attentive throughout our stay, as well as knowledgeable and passionate about the different products. Although my husband was already a fan of High West whiskeys and bourbons, our server did a great job of educating him through a whiskey flight. For the record? His new favorite is the High West Whiskey Campfire.

DSC_0098[1]Not to be outdone, lunch was delicious! We both had the High West burger, which has a blend of local Bison and Beef, with Gruyere, Blue cheese and fried onions on it, served with Parmesan fries. I enjoyed the burger with an Australian Mitolo “Jester” Shiraz.

DSC_0101[1]Afterย  lunch I would like to say that we strolled up Main Street and window shopped, but up Main Street is up a very steep hill, and after that lunch we more or less trudged up hill (but down hill back!). Still it was fun! A great day trip and time spent together.

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WIP Thursday

I know… I’m a day late (though hopefully not a dollar short!). To be honest I really have no idea where the time has gone to. It’s already the 12th of March. My role at work is shifting very quickly from project status to strategy governance, and it keeps me so busy that the days fade one into the other. I completely missed Wipocalypse this month because I just lost track of what day it was (I think I might need to set a calendar reminder), and somewhere along the way I managed to have a little fun with my husband on the weekends, so not much has occurred in the way of stitching (not to mention the tired factor).

My latest update is on the Clouds Factory Zodiac SAL:


I still have a little to do — little pisha stuff though — the eyes, and then the planet or orb or whatever it is at the innermost part of the circle. Hopefully I will find more stitching time this coming weekend. If so, it will be back to Tradewinds!

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